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07-01-09, 05:22 AM
So I went vinyl shopping at a local store called Amoeba that specializes in used items, and I happened to come across this vinyl that had Markus' name on some credits, but I couldn't find it on discogs. It even spelled Markus' name wrong in the credits as "Markus Scultz" :?






Can anyone shed some light on this? :)

07-01-09, 03:05 PM
First of all...I love that place!!! I have a friend who used to live there and they will order ANYTHING for you from anywhere....And, once they order an artist in- they will carry them going forward. I, personally, take credit for some artists and am proud :::insteret the still missing angel face::: LOL

And on the note of the Vinyl....I cant seem to find anything on that.... The remix list on wiki doesnt show anything (and I think Darren has cleaned it up recently)

However, I often find vinyls and wrong information is on the sleave/label. People make them left and right or go through old ones and make new labels for them and they are all wrong....

I, too, am curious what the case is with this one...Good find Joanna!!!

16-01-09, 11:11 AM
So I got a brief chance to talk with Markus about this at Vanguard before his set on Saturday, and our conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey Markus! [Takes out vinyl from bag.]
Markus: Hey! I saw your post on the forums. Where did you find that?!
Me: I got it at Amoeba. [Shows Markus the bag with the logo.]
Markus: Wow, I made that track in 1995!
Me: Can I take a picture with you?
Markus: Sure! Let's take one with the record. :)

So basically Markus autographs it and adds 2009 to it. Thank you Markus for the info, but is there any more you remember or can add to the info? Like any fun stories you can share when you made the track? :)