View Full Version : Mardi Gras - Transmission 2013 Anthem?

Evening Twilight
14-09-13, 06:52 PM
I was wondering, why Markus suddenly stopped to support 'Mardi Gras' after huge support he gave it during last spring. My first thought was maybe he want to keep it as a Transmission 2013 anthem? What you think guys?

It would be great choice, in my opinion.

15-09-13, 04:42 PM
Until we see the first trailer of Transmission we canīt be sure.

Evening Twilight
27-09-13, 01:48 PM

Looks like we have a preview

(Starts at 0:58)
Another new Markus Track?

23-10-13, 07:46 PM
Now we now itīs a collab. But still a good one. And the fact is not Mardi Gras