View Full Version : Coldharbour Harlem Shake

20-02-13, 04:58 AM
Markus Schulz and the Coldharbour Crew do the Harlem Shake.


Pietro V
20-02-13, 09:08 AM

Pietro V
20-02-13, 10:44 PM

21-02-13, 12:01 AM
I laughed my ass off at these videos!!!! I like the second one more, it has everything, Mike and a Hoover vacuum, Markus throwing money at a stripper, and a pole! A dancing teddy bear (which I think was Heather's Valentine's Day gift?) Alex in a german commander hat, Heather and Comet. I think that was Tim in a luchador mask too, lol.

Mischief FTW! Hahahahahahaha!

michal dybek
21-02-13, 12:08 PM
hahaha. nice. really nice.

22-02-13, 03:51 PM
We had a lot of fun doing it. It was just something silly we decided to do. It's how we roll in the Harbour!

22-02-13, 04:25 PM
I kinda figured there was another video shoot going on when you posted pics in a get up last week, lol.