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27-11-12, 05:02 PM
Pre-order on CD: http://tiny.cc/mswt2012cd (http://tiny.cc/mswt2012cd)
Pre-order on iTunes: http://tiny.cc/mswt2012it (http://tiny.cc/mswt2012it)

Every month for the last five years, Markus Schulz has beamed his in-club experiences into living rooms, gyms, offices and car stereos everywhere. Zeroing in on one city, one big event and one dependably up-for-it crowd, he digitally captures it for the monthly Global DJ Broadcast World Tour show. Catching every fader flip, every tweak of the treble, every firing of the FX unit and every resultant reactive cheer, World Tour sets get you as ringside as its possible to get (without stepping on a plane).

As the clubbed-up masses make their way home, the stop button gets hit, the equipment get packed and the set transmitted back to homebase Miami. On the first Thursday of each month, through a 50+ strong global network of stations, the night is brought electrifyingly back to life, giving you the chance to virtual-visit a new club, feel its pulse and tune into its atmosphere.

Now he’s taken this year’s Schulz-defining tunes, recorded live throughout the year’s WT dates with the mic levels turned right up, to create ‘World Tour - Best of 2012’.

Musically ‘The Best of World Tour 2012’ breaks through the language barriers and the differing club cultures to unite the sounds of 11 different countries & 16 different cities into its travelogue mix. From the anticipatory shudder of ‘Hollywood Boulevard’ (captured live during the opening minutes of Markus’ 10hr ‘LA’12’ set) to final euphoric upswing of ‘Love Rain Down’, the mix arrives in one EDM capital after another. Omnia’s ‘The Fusion’ (named by Schulz as his track of the year); Jaren’s transcendent turn on ‘Carry On’; Mr. Pit’s ‘It is What it Is’ & Elevation vs. Grube & Hovsepian’s ‘City of Angels’ shuttle the listener from Miami to Ibiza, from Amsterdam to Kiev, as part of its 20-stop tour. Locking in every accented shout, whoop and roar from around the world, each tune/club mixes seamlessly into the next. The result: one breath-taking, metropolis-by-metropolis, round-the-world ride.

As a bonus Disc 2 features 80 straight minutes of Markus recorded live & peak-time during the recent West Coast leg of his Scream album tour. His first all-night solo set in the city, San Fran’s Ruby Skye is the setting and the mix features 19 tracks of Schulz in full flight. Premiering a new fresh-off-the-desk Dakota track, it also delivers a wealth of the latest material from regular M.S. legions, Rex Mundi, Arnej, Skytech, Aerofoil and others. It also packs the new single ‘Nothing Without Me’ (the landmark 150th release from his Coldharbour label) and also, exclusively, ‘Dejavu’ - the incoming strike from Schulz protégé KhoMha.

Markus Schulz - ‘Best of World Tour 2012’ offers a remarkable, one-of-a-kind listening experience. It’s available from the 14th of December 2012.



Disc 1: Best of World Tour 2012

01. San Andreas Soundlab - Hollywood Boulevard [Live from Avalon, Los Angeles '12 Release Party]
02. Markantonio & Roberto Capuano - T4 (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction) [Live from Nature One, Kastellaun]
03. Markus Schulz featuring Jaren - Carry On [Live from Privilege, Ibiza]
04. Omnia & Ira - The Fusion (Markus Schulz Los Angeles '12 Reconstruction) [Live from Club Space, Miami]
05. Marcel Woods vs. W&W - Trigger [Live from Koolhaus, Toronto]
06. Markus Schulz & Wellenrausch - Silence to the Call (Scream Tour Edit) [Live from Arma Music Hall, Moscow]
07. KhoMha - Days Gone Bye [Live from Ministry of Sound, London]
08. Cosmic Gate - Crushed [Live from Ruby Skye, San Francisco]
09. Danny Cullen - Abaddon (Markus Schulz Edit) [Live from Mandarine Nightclub, Buenos Aires]
10. Yura Moonlight - Harrier [Live from DJ Mag Top 100 Party at Ministry of Sound, London]
11. Skytech - What's Wrong (Skytech Stadium Mix) [Live from Planeta Born to Party, Poznan]
12. Johnny Yono - Fairfax (Markus Schulz Edit) [Live from Metro Theatre, Sydney]
13. Susana & Dark Matters - Home (Mr. Pit Remix) [Live from Avalon, Los Angeles '12 Release Party]
14. Markus Schulz & Ferry Corsten - Loops & Tings [Live from Electric Daisy Carnival, New York City]
15. Mr. Pit - It is What it Is (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction) [Live from A State of Trance 550, Den Bosch]
16. Morvan - Kiss of a Muse (Lence & Pluton Remix vs. Wellenrausch Remix / Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction) [Live from Global Gathering, Stratford-Upon-Avon]
17. Elevation vs. Grube & Hovsepian - City of Angels (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction) [Live from A State of Trance 550, Kiev]
18. KhoMha - The Dark Knight [Live from Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas]
19. Beat Service - Fortuna [Live from the Terrace at Club Space, Miami]
20. Markus Schulz featuring Seri - Love Rain Down (4 Strings Remix) [Live from Arma Music Hall, Moscow]

Disc 2: Live from Ruby Skye, San Francisco - October 26 2012

01. Markus Schulz presents Dakota - Doors Open
02. DJ Tarkan - Sad Story (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
03. Danilo Ercole - Profundo
04. Audien - Eventide
05. Rex Mundi - Mence (Markus Schulz Edit)
06. Andro V - Lonely World (Alessandro Remix / Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
07. Skytech - No Need for Words
08. Markus Schulz featuring Fiora - Deep in the Night
09. Arnej - The Second Coming
10. M.I.K.E. - Any Direction (M.I.K.E. vs. Revero Club Edit / Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
11. Markus Schulz & Elevation - Finish Line
12. Store N Forward - Sugar (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
13. Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic vs. Broning - Relict (Basil O'Glue & Styller Remix)
14. Markus Schulz - Soul Seeking
15. Fisherman & Hawkins - Apache
16. Nifra - Dark Harbour (Markus Schulz Edit)
17. Aerofoil vs. E&G - One Word (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
18. KhoMha - Dejavu
19. Markus Schulz featuring Ana Diaz - Nothing Without Me (Markus Schulz Return to Coldharbour Remix)

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World Tour Best of 2009 is still banging in my ipod! cant wait!!!

Pietro V
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will be mine :)

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Can't wait!!!

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after World Tour Best of 2009.... OMG this is huge guys.
a new track from the Boss/Master :)

Can't wait

Pietro V
28-11-12, 07:01 PM
a new track from the Boss/Master :)


29-11-12, 07:50 AM
2009 was so badass. dressed in white \o/

30-11-12, 07:18 AM
WT 2009 is one of my top compilations EVER! Starts with Sin City into Barnes & Heatcliff-Forget About Us (Lentos remix). Wow! That's how you get the party started!

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Tracklist and pre-order links added.

Pietro V
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my reaction when i've seen the tl of cd1


Fede Big Room
01-12-12, 03:57 PM
Soooo many recons i'd love to have in extended versions.

Tracklist looks awesome!

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Yes Pietro V, I had the same reaction when I saw the announcement of the compilation :O

Pietro V
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Yes Pietro V, I had the same reaction when I saw the announcement of the compilation :O

that gif is very useful in certain situations http://www.interfans.org/forum/images/smilies/asd.gif

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I had a similar reaction


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the cd has come http://www.interfans.org/forum/images/smilies/yeah.gif

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New Dakota track is amazing. With every listen it's better !

Pietro V
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I'm still in love with Doors Open

Pietro V
10-03-13, 03:34 PM
The unmixed version has been released

there's not the unmixed version of Doors Open :(

the MSBRR of Sad Story w00t