View Full Version : Markus live from Prague...

17-11-12, 11:21 AM
hey guyz, is it true, his full set will be broadcasted tonight ? (2012 Nov 17)(Transmissiion Replace event) I heard something but nut quite sure about that.. so please confirm that guyz!

Francesco Vince
17-11-12, 05:08 PM
so interesting

on wich radio? fajn or evropa?

anyways waiting for official news :)

18-11-12, 09:59 PM
So was the set broadcast? Wonder what it was like.

19-11-12, 08:44 AM
Absolutely amazing night,thanks Markus,many clasic tunes,back2bach set with Khomha is incredible!!!See you in Transmission!!!I think that nobody did not broadcast the living..

Evening Twilight
19-11-12, 06:52 PM
No, set wasn't broadcasted.

Pietro V
20-11-12, 01:10 PM
i dreamed to be there