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18-10-12, 03:30 PM
Global DJ Broadcast October 18th 2012
With Markus Schulz

http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a94/ImpactPlayaz/GDJB/gdjblogo2009v2.jpg (http://www.globaldjbroadcast.com)

Markus Schulz
01. Zack Roth - The Longest Haul (Robert Nickson's RNX Remix)
02. Damabiah - La Machine Humaine (Cid Inc Remix)
03. Atesh K - Dreaming (Feri Remix)
04. Markus Schulz Featuring Sarah Howells - Tempted
05. Gill Norris - Forme (Guy J PM Mix)
06. Danilo Ercole - Profundo
07. DJ Tarkan - Sad Story
08. Maywave - Harmony
09. Matthew Peterson - Stingray (Styller Remix)
10. Gai Barone - Hydra (Wellenrausch's Dark Matter Remix)
11. Yura Moonlight - Harrier
12. Andro V - Lonely World (Alessandro Remix)
13. Markus Schulz Featuring Fiora - Deep in the Night
14. M.I.K.E. - Any Direction (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
15. Corne vs. Ringu - Crossing Roads (Pierce Hill Remix)
16. Store N Forward - Sugar (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
17. Ben Gold Featuring The Glass Child - Fall With Me
18. Stevy Forello - Horizon of City Lights
19. Mario Ayuda & Chris Callado - Limitless (Arcalis Remix)
20. Protoculture - Perpetual Motion (Markus Schulz Edit)
21. Beat Service - Impulse
22. Rex Mundi - Steaming Waterfalls
23. Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic vs. Broning - Relict (Basil O'Glue & Styller Remix)
24. Markus Schulz - Soul Seeking
25. Oliver Lieb - Collider (Solee Remix)
26. Markus Schulz Featuring Ana Diaz - Nothing Without Me (Markus Schulz Return to Coldharbour Remix) [World Premiere]

Markus Schulz - "Scream" - the new artist album | Out Now


Voodoo Child
18-10-12, 06:19 PM
Nice first 20 minutes. Special thanks for playing Zack Roth - The Longest Haul (Robert Nickson's RNX Remix) again. That was one of my favorites from last week.

Are there any news about the CLHR150 release?
By the way there is no thread about the Infina Release.

18-10-12, 07:11 PM
First time tuning in for a while live. Guessing nobody posts here anymore...

Voodoo Child
18-10-12, 10:47 PM
Damned I had no time to listen to the last hour and missed the Coldharbour Remix of Nothing Without Me. But I've just listened to it on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXAtoQpYn2o) and it's great stuff! I guess Nothing Without Me will be the CLHR150 release then, right?

19-10-12, 02:34 AM
WOW! Only one page of posts! :O In my case, I am soooooo glad there's a podcast since now this semester I have to be in school during the show.

It certainly is always great to be able to catch it later.

19-10-12, 02:47 AM
Listening to the episode now at work, loving the opening track!


Grz3chu 92
19-10-12, 08:00 AM
Markus Schulz Featuring Ana Diaz - Nothing Without Me (Markus Schulz Return to Coldharbour Remix) \o/

masterpiece !!

19-10-12, 10:27 AM
Very good episode :)