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01-05-12, 01:40 PM
Release Label: Coldharbour Recordings Red
Release Code: COLD039
Release Date: May 7th 2012


Venom (Original Mix)
Venom (Dub Mix)
Venom (Miami Life Remix)

Available to purchase digitally on Beatport by Clicking Here (http://tinyurl.com/cold039bp)

A distance of several thousand miles hasn’t stopped the combined talent of Miami’s Tim Grube and Los Angeles’ Mike Hovsepian creating quite a following in such a short time. Grube & Hovsepian are back under Coldharbour focus once again with the beautiful “Venom” - their first vocal effort thanks to Tiffany Johnston.

Since becoming part of Markus Schulz’s management project Schulz Music Group, Tim and Mike have performed the biggest gigs of their careers to date, including the Los Angeles ’12 Release Party at Avalon and the Winter Music Conference closing party at Space in Miami. A massive highlight in both of their sets was a beautifully smooth slice of progressive trance, accompanied with vocals that had everyone guessing the origins of the track in question.

Virginia native Tiffany Johnston shines with her performance here, with many veterans in the music scene citing Venom as a throwback to the progressive trance sound of the late 90s. Since being debuted on the Global DJ Broadcast in March, it has quickly become a fan favorite and one of Coldharbour’s most anticipated releases of the year so far. 4-man producer group Miami Life are on hand for remix duties, giving the track a lighter, more feelgood touch.

Whether you’re a warmup DJ or a main-eventer looking for something to begin your set with, then Venom will set the tone perfectly. And as a result, this coast-to-coast musical fusion will continue to go from strength to strength.

Venom (Original Mix)


Venom (Miami Life Remix)


02-05-12, 08:52 AM
original mix is awesome. i love it. Miami Life remix is probably the worst thing that could happen to this track. they turned it ino commercial house tune :/

02-05-12, 03:58 PM
I'll be picking this one up as well as the Danilo Ercole EP come next payday:D

02-05-12, 07:08 PM
Original Mix is the best!!! Vocal of Tiffany is amazing!

03-05-12, 04:34 AM
well, Miami life so gives away the style of the remix.

great song though! good job guys.