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28-02-12, 06:15 AM

I've been making this one for two months and finally have something to show. This is my first track ever (don't be scared of that - it is not that bad) :D Give it a try and any feedback would be so awesome!

Why I'm creating a thread here? Just because a lot of people said me that this one sounds couldharbourish, so, I decided that members of this forum will give proper professional comments and valid critisims :D



28-02-12, 07:35 PM
Hmm, it's good, but I think you need some EQ tweaks - sounds too muddy :) I like your bassline. But the first synth sounds(from about 1min) have too much reverb or something what makes it like "below the main surface of the track", for me :) Nice synth about 2 min. Deep, but need some EQ in the high end to make sounds warmer and cleaner :) Pads are really great. I love this stuff. Kick should be louder for me also.

29-02-12, 02:45 PM
not bad, i agree with Alex that kick should be a bit louder.. everything else sounds great too me, maybe it needs a higher bpm too but that's just me.. some dark vocals would fit this tune perfectly!

29-02-12, 06:47 PM
Alex, YES! That's exactly what I've been thinking about - what's wrong about that sound - now I know that there is too much reverb, thx for the tip!

Axt, I've tried vocals (obviously :D) but failed so to say.

Concerning kick...well, I tried to make it louder or brighter but this ruined the entire track each time. Still a huge room for improvements.

Thx for feedbacks! You're welcome! :)

01-03-12, 04:13 AM
For a first song I'm quite impressed. The overall theme of the track is very good. It is a bit muddy as Alex mentioned, but you should be able to fix most of that with some EQing. I'd suggest going with a different kick all together, it seems a little out of place. It's lacking a bit a bit of punch for me. Maybe try something that's a little louder and punchier in the mid range. Then try to mix and eq the track so it has a nice presence.

Generally, the track seems to be a bit heavy on reverb. So I'd tweak with that a little bit. The delays come on a little strong as well. Perhaps lowering the dry/wet on the delay would make it a bit more subtle without making it disappear? Again, like most of the elements, just play around with it a little bit and they'll sit well together. All in all, it's a great track and with a little bit more work it will turn out really well. Best of luck and post the track when you finish! I'd love to hear it.