View Full Version : Pictures from Space, 2/4/2012

06-02-12, 05:19 PM
Sorry for the crap quality - this was an epic set... just awesome.

i left at 530am (after 6 hours) to make my flight home and the place was still packed and Markus was still hammering it home....

DJ Kaeno and Markus' Mom - she was having a great time!





06-02-12, 06:31 PM
I still have to get my pictures and videos sorted out! That was his mom! If only I had known!

But yeah, an incredible set from start to finish. I think the pics and vids I post up later will speak for themselves :)

Plus it was really great meeting Mike(He's so cool and such a great guy, def down to earth), seeing Tim again, officially introducing myself to Heather (I hadn't done so earlier as I'm quite shy), and seeing Arnej (Tim and Mike will tell you, I was star struck!)

I'll post my pics and vids after I get my computer sorted out, it's giving me issues :/

06-02-12, 09:09 PM
Nice thread and pics, Ms. Schulz has the same smile like her son. :D But whenever I remind myself why and how Markus ended up in USA I feel sorry for him and his family.

Anyway, I cant wait for Thursday's World Tour!