View Full Version : AH.FM End Of Year Countdown 2011 - mini Coldharbour Day 28th Dec

15-12-11, 02:04 AM
Just saw Markus talking about the 2011 AH.FM EOYC, looks like there'll be an awesome 11 hours of Coldharbour DJs all lined up on the 28th of December.




15-12-11, 02:30 PM
What a lineup, all sets from 12pm until 23pm are must hear (excluding Nifra and Kiholm).

15-12-11, 05:12 PM
Can't wait for that !! Basil O'Glue + Tucandeo + Mike Foyle + Darren McNally + many Coldharbour DJ's + BOSS. What a day!

16-12-11, 06:17 PM
anyone know why aerofoil is not on the end of the year countdown??

26-12-11, 02:28 PM
Cant wait for Wednesday but currently Pobsky and Paul Attkinson are ripping AH.FM up! Their TL so far:

Mike Danis - 365 (Intro)
Michael Myers presents ESC - Autorotation
Ben Gold - Colossal (Rafael Frost Remix)
Mike Koglin vs Genix - Helion
Ashley Wallbridge - JYNX
Rex Mundi - Valley of Dreams
Green & Faulkener - Ceylan (Antillas & Dankann Remix)
Chris Harvey - In Dreams With Betty
Khomha - 507
Whiteroom Ft Amy Cooper - Someday (Orjan Nilsen Remix)
Breakfast - Give me the Two Tone (Flashover Remix)
Beat Service - Outsider
Orjan Nilsen - Viking
Ummet Ozcan - Indigo
Pobsky & Paul Atkinson - Locked Out
Ummet Ozcan - Reboot
John O'Callaghan & Timmy & Tommy - Talk to Me (Orjan Nilsen)
Bart Claessen - Fantomah
DNS Project ft Madeline Zero - Another Day (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
Kevin Focus - Broccked 7 (P&P Smash Up)
Aaran Camz - Room to Breathe

28-12-11, 07:50 PM
Just tuned in.. great set so far :P

28-12-11, 07:56 PM
Ohh my god.. Opera Of The Northern Ocean :PPPP

28-12-11, 08:04 PM
looking forward to the 'Classic Showcase' t'row.. ;)

28-12-11, 11:18 PM
tucandeo had the best set today by far!!! They started with dark and progressive tracks and maintained that sound and vibe throughout the rest of the set...i was hoping basil would do the same, but he ruined his set with that awful male vocal track which killed the whole mood in about 2 sec...markus also had a good set as did mr pit which surprised me since he is a hit or miss...looking forward to listening to pobsky's set and khomha's too even though his set looks a little iffy with his first few tracks...

Voodoo Child
29-12-11, 10:20 AM
I did not listen to all sets but I definitely enjoyed Darren's set the most. In contrast to some other DJs you can always hear that Darren makes a great effort in selecting the right tracks and mixing them well. 5/5

i was hoping basil would do the same, but he ruined his set with that awful male vocal track Yes Basils set had unexpected track selection and was not perfect. But I totally disagree that the Wellenrausch track ruined the set. I like those vocals and it does not sound gay (as indicated in the ah.fm forums). However, I did not like some of the transitions. 3.5 / 5

29-12-11, 10:53 AM
i am just saying that yesterday sets were way way better than the sets on coldharbour day this year..