View Full Version : Libertine Reconstruction

21-11-11, 02:39 AM
How come Markus never plays his Libertine reconstruction. I heard it once in the vegas GDJB and ever since then every live set I've heard or seen from him he just uses the original. I mean nothing wrong with the original but I wonder why he doesnt use his reconstruction more. I really really like his reconstruction and wishes he could release it.

Fede Big Room
21-11-11, 05:47 AM
I hope another Big Room Reconstruction EP for the end of the year!

On topic: I like the original more than the MS BRR.

23-11-11, 12:43 PM
frankly i feel it depends how the set is going on which one i like. because the original would have that break down while the other one keeps the energy moving. like for his Digital Madness set, I really felt that the BRR would have been the better choice. like i really like both but for me it depends when they are used