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25-08-11, 09:42 PM
I've read on a few other forums that some people were disappointed with TBT2. I actually love it more than TBT1. Definitely a couple of songs I don't care for, but overall, a lot of great songs in my opinion: Tears, Saints, Gypsy Room, In a Green Valley -- all spectacular! Meanwhile, Koolhaus is the only spectacular song from TBT1 in my opinion. A few others were really good, but they weren't spectacular status for me.

If you were disappointed with TBT2 and liked TBT1 a lot more, why? Was it the style, the sort of big room sound most of the album went for? Was it the number of songs causing them to be shorter in length? I hope it's not that...because you should know there will most likely be an extended mix for every song (at least most of them), so I really hope you didn't hold that against TBT2. Not to mention, with having more songs, it means we get more songs!

25-08-11, 09:58 PM
Absolutely TBT1.

TBT1 had much more quality and still had that deep and dark sound. In TBT2 that's all gone and tracks have been replaced by either earbleeding leads (Saints, Red Star) or pathetic melodies (Tears). Then there's also Katowice which is just a rip-off from You and tracks like Suggestion no.5, Miami, Cape Town and Apollo which haven't anything to do with the original dark Dakota sound and therefore not worth listening to.

Luckily there are also some quality tracks like Sinners and Gypsy Room, which I really adore.

25-08-11, 10:33 PM
good thing about music it divides people

25-08-11, 10:59 PM
good thing about music it divides people


25-08-11, 11:33 PM
For me...clearly the 2nd TBT is the winner... because its more techy, deep, dirty as the first album...Miami, Red Star, Saints, Katowice pure killers...made for the clubs!!

26-08-11, 11:16 AM
TBT1 is much better form me.
The tunes from this album are for me great sentimental value. Since 2009, I started to listen regularly GDJB and tracks such as Chinook, Sin City, Johnny The Fox will still be associating me with the splendor of Markus. TBT1 contains a legend, an atmospheric songs.
TBT2 is also great of course, but my winner is TBT1.

CHINOOK ftw! :)

26-08-11, 11:29 AM
Both albums were made for different purposes, so for me depends on my mood really.

26-08-11, 03:59 PM
TBT 2!!! 8-)

26-08-11, 04:58 PM
i personally go for Thoughts Become Things I instead much better to my ears and plus the remixes that came out after made the original versions even better to hear!

Thoughts Become Things II seemed to be in a rush for the luck or marketing I dont know I just dont enjoy or feel the vibe as the I had

27-08-11, 08:24 PM
Both albums were made for different purposes, so for me depends on my mood really.
Same here. Overall, i prefer the 2nd as i love the dark, clubby feel most of the tracks have.

Can't beat a bit of Koolhaus though.

28-08-11, 02:47 AM
Yes TBT 1 , the original Dark & Deep Dakota sound , with a huge tunes like Chinook , Koolhaus , Sin City , Roxy 84 , Johnny the Fox and many more TBT I is what Dakota's sound should be . TBT II has less ear-catching melodies with lots of medium quality bass lines , its not that dark journey we had before with TBT I , except for Katowice , Sinners , In a Green Valley .

With ALL RESPECT TO Other Opinions :)

michal dybek
28-08-11, 11:59 AM
Very tough choice. Really. Both albums have great tracks which I adore. But first Dakota's album is a little bit deeper. Most of the track have brilliant bassline. Tere are many elements to capmare for sure. Don't get me wrong, I love 'TBT2' (brilliant: 'In a Green Valley', 'Gypsy Room', 'Cape Town' or 'Red Star'), but if it is a some kind of competition, for me the winner is 'TBT'...with one of the best track ever, called 'Koolhaus' :D

28-08-11, 03:21 PM
I was shocked with insane quality of TBT 1 and thought that the follow up would be better but it's not

29-08-11, 04:45 PM
My vote goes to the first TBT. My style is more like that.

30-08-11, 04:11 AM
TBT2 for me. I connect more with this and I like every single track. Katowice, Sleepwalkers, Saints, Red Star, Sinners are my favorites. I've never been so addicted to music than this album. I just think each track makes such a powerful statement and each has its own personality and I can totally hear Markus in each track. TBT1 definitely excelled in melodies but TBT2 captivates me way more.

But really, I find the entire Dakota project a step above all other music imo. :)

Im super excited for the next album, I'm sure it will be much different.

30-08-11, 06:04 AM
you really can't compare the two because they were completed in different parts of his career.

tbt has more of the earlier schulz sound whereas tbt2 has more of the techier club room sounds.