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25-08-11, 07:30 PM
Mike Foyle presents Statica - Shades of Red / Shades of Blue

Release Label: Coldharbour Recordings
Release Code: CLHR124
Release Date: September 5th 2011


Shades of Red (Original Mix)
Shades of Red (Club Intro)
Shades of Red (Club Reconstruction)
Shades of Blue

Available to purchase digitally on Beatport by Clicking Here (http://tinyurl.com/clhr124bp)

Since the beginning of the Coldharbour Recordings story in 2004, Englishman Mike Foyle has contributed immensely to the success of the label from the outset. His breakout track Space Guitar was chosen for the Coldharbour 100 remix treatment in 2010, and he has continued to receive plenty of plaudits in 2011 thanks to Headrush and his remix of Markus Schulz’s Alpha State.

With the summer season slowly reaching its conclusion, Mike returns with a beautiful double E.P. release; which is embryonic of his soul-inducing melodies.

The Global DJ Broadcast studio mixes for 2011 opened up with Shades of Red; unfinished by Mike at the time, yet Markus couldn’t resist the urge to debut the track to the world on radio. With a beautiful haunting vibe akin to his Nightshade projects, “Red” became a regular in Markus’ sets throughout GDJB and A State of Sundays leading up to the summer. Already blessed with the original and intro versions, Mike toughened up the track to add a clubby dimension, and his efforts were rewarded with a place on Markus’ Be At Space Ibiza summer 2011 compilation.

Conversely, Shades of Blue presents a calmer and deeper approach, and one which shows that the essence of Coldharbour is still alive and strong. Debuted by Markus during his Coldharbour Day set at the end of July, and receiving further plays on Global DJ Broadcast and Mike’s own show Bolted, this piano-driven beauty is one that will hook you in from the first listen alone.

Whatever shade you prefer, you’re guaranteed a quality journey either way. It again outlines why Mike is regarded as one of Coldharbour’s favorite sons.

Shades of Red (Original Mix)


Shades of Blue


25-08-11, 07:38 PM
I love getting intro mixes :)

25-08-11, 07:38 PM
Yeahh babyyy!!!

This is sick! This will take the edge off of the CLHR125 debacle. ;)

Shades of Blue is my favorite here.

25-08-11, 07:39 PM
Hi all,
absolutely amazing EP, nice surprise :D

firstly the Rex EP... and now this,
can't wait to the CLHR125.

25-08-11, 07:54 PM
Quality EP! 8-)

25-08-11, 09:43 PM
Awesome EP, can't wait. Very great tracks. :)

26-08-11, 12:35 AM
The special " Red Cover release " cannot wait.

26-08-11, 02:23 AM
Cover looks a little weird with the Shades of Red / Shades of Blue both on it =o

26-08-11, 03:33 AM
The special " Red Cover release " cannot wait.
It seems like the red cover is always on especially good releases like Perception, Opera, and Valley of Dreams. 8-)

Do you have any alternatives, james? :P

26-08-11, 04:05 AM
"The Shades E.P."


26-08-11, 07:20 AM
Oh My God!!! What a surprise!

This EP is amazing! "Shades of red" <3
Cannot wait!

26-08-11, 08:32 AM
Shades of Blue is amazing! This is released a day before my birthday...awesome!

Evening Twilight
26-08-11, 09:22 AM
Awesome EP, Can't Wait!

06-09-11, 06:46 AM
Really enjoying this EP, quality! 8-)

06-09-11, 09:49 PM
Already can't wait for his next Statica productions. :mrgreen:

Coldharbours been rolling out the melodic goodness. :mrgreen:

07-09-11, 06:08 AM
Shade of Blue, my track of the year so far.Period.

07-09-11, 05:09 PM
The club reconstruction of SoR is one of my favorites right now. Such a beautiful track