View Full Version : new markus schulz fan :p

09-07-11, 12:10 PM
what sup everybody..
growing up, i was listening to crap rap, only 2 years ago i was bored from rap n th amount of swearing it has :?
my bro was an old trance fan, so he used 2 mock me for being a rap fan :lol:
so i started following trance because of him, n i liked the songs n the inspiration n happiness it kicks deep in me, he was ASOT fan, didnt miss any episode from like 05 0r 06...
till i knew about markus schulz a year ago 8-)
i started reading his blogs on fb n video blogs, also his interviews.. tuned in as much as i could for gdjb.
DYD was so nice, i cant have enough of 'what could have been' :mrgreen:
my best song ever alongside yuri kane right back,, so i got familiar with markus schulz n followed him on fb then twitter :P
noticed that dakota 2 is not progressive its more of techno ( i dont know much :oops: )
but some tracks were nice to hhear..
i hope markus schulz comes egypt in 2 years time because by then i would b 21 to be allowed to go to his gigs :lol: :lol:
markus schulz is way better than any other dj producer,, n having a close eye on markus for 2011, i say till now his year was so good n he played some amazing sets so i hope he gets recognition he deserves n becomes #1 dj producer.. seriously, because when every other dj producer concentrates on satisfying fans by changing the trance spirit music n addding much vocals, he stays loyal with more of "dirty dark music" 8-)
i watched today his 2000 interview,, hes the same person.. markus schulz is the master of trance.. forget avb, tiesto, guetta, though i dont tune in for their weekly show,, but the songs markus plays, i find out other djs put them as well n say "markus schulz guest mix" also markus helps young dj talents.. aerofoil, khomha, n many others, who does that other than the Monster Master :D