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01-07-11, 06:00 PM
Sorry if this is in the wrong area, but I'd like to know the name of this awesome track I heard on a very old GDJB from 2002. Here's the YouTube link:


It seems like it's the first track on a Markus Schulz set, seeing as though he announces the names of the next two songs that correspond to said setlist.

Well, if anybody knows, please leave a comment. Thanks!

01-07-11, 06:19 PM
Welcome to the forum. :)

According to this tracklist (http://markusschulz.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=860#p860) it's Sipping Soma - Dreamcatcher (Toren Remix)

01-07-11, 07:42 PM

But, unfortunately (I'm not trying to sound rude) that's not it. :( AFTER the song, Markus announced the names of the 2nd and 3rd tracks, and they were part of that other Markus set. (conveniently, the first one was never announced)

01-07-11, 08:00 PM