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22-06-11, 12:45 PM
Mario Hammer - Life Before the Earthquake E.P.

Release Label: Coldharbour Recordings Red
Release Code: COLD029
Release Date: June 27th 2011

Life Before the Earthquake (featuring Asheni)
Amber in Paris
Kamikaze Babe

Available to purchase digitally on Beatport by Clicking Here (http://tinyurl.com/cold029bp)

One of the first alumni of Coldharbour Recordings is about to make a splash on the label in 2011, back with a vengeance presenting three tracks showcasing his diversity of production.

German Mario Hammer (together with fellow countryman Andrew Bennett) was responsible for the iconic “Language” in 2004, appearing on Markus’ Miami ’05 compilation and given the modern day remix treatment by Phynn as part of the Coldharbour 100 celebrations last year. His solo work has also graced the Coldharbour Selections series, with his track “Deep Blue Ocean” presenting a beautiful forage into melodic breaks.

The theme of Deep Blue Ocean returns with “Life Before the Earthquake” - a stunning piece of emotional music which takes you on a journey from first minute to last. In the second half, the sublime vocals of Asheni take over, providing that intertwining feeling of happiness and despair. Since debuting in January 2011, it has become one of the hallmarked Global DJ Broadcast anthems, receiving huge support from the online social websites and communities.

Supplimenting the lead track is a pair of dark and moody progressive numbers. Perfect for those who like to start their sets a little deeper, both “Amber in Paris” and “Kamikaze Babe” show off Mario’s diverse talents, and are sure to find a spot in Markus Schulz’s sets when he graces the Terrace at Space in Ibiza later this summer.

Mario Hammer has rightfully received the spotlight on Coldharbour in 2011 with his work under the Why?!? alias, but with Life Before the Earthquake in particular, he has cemented a moment that many a dedicated Coldharbour follower will never forget.

Life Before the Earthquake


Amber in Paris


Kamikaze Babe


22-06-11, 01:02 PM
Where's the damn "Like" button!?

Huge release!

22-06-11, 01:04 PM
Massive release, great EP by Super Mario! :D

22-06-11, 01:13 PM
Massive release, great EP by Super Mario! :D

+1 :P

22-06-11, 01:20 PM
yhym! Coldharbour Red is alive this year!!! Finally!

Life Before The Earthquake and Amber are rockin

22-06-11, 03:52 PM
Great news! Massive tracks, especial Life Before the Earthquake! 8-)

22-06-11, 05:04 PM
Finally a Massive Red Release! \O/

22-06-11, 11:57 PM
Nice! Looking forward to it!!

23-06-11, 08:51 PM

Can't wait to get this :)

23-06-11, 09:24 PM
Loving all three of these!! Great stuff... supporting this fully! :P

24-06-11, 08:13 PM
Massive! :shock:

Life Before the Earthquake is one of my favorites since I've first heard it back in January.

24-06-11, 08:24 PM
i've been waiting for this since GDJB aired in 16.04.2009 :D :D :D :D :D

25-06-11, 09:15 AM
Wow! Just came back from the trip, and awesome news are waiting for me. 3 days, and I'll get Super Mario with 3 mushrooms from the game. This is the bussiness. :D

25-06-11, 12:24 PM
Can't wait for this beauty <3

27-06-11, 11:56 AM

http://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/cont ... ail/389561 (http://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/389561)

27-06-11, 02:15 PM
Alrighty then... So I'm going to have these 3 tracks tomorrow, when we get back from the trip.

28-06-11, 04:02 AM
Hmmm, anyone has the impression that life Before the earthquake "ends" abruptly or is just me?

28-06-11, 09:07 AM
Hmmm, anyone has the impression that life Before the earthquake "ends" abruptly or is just me?

yeah you're right...and considering the long long long build up..i dont get it

28-06-11, 09:46 AM
Hmmm, anyone has the impression that life Before the earthquake "ends" abruptly or is just me?
That's just Mario's style I think, Markus has been playing the same version so it's definitely not the same story as with CLHR100. ;)

Rick Valentine
01-07-11, 12:30 PM
This is a huge release love the vocals on "Life Before The Earthquake" great track, but the one im supporting most is "Kamikaze Babe" this is a great set opener !!!!
Amazing work from Mario Hammer and its nice to see him producing some good stuff, not really heard much from him since he did work under "Hammer & Bennett" (Andrew Bennett) so been a couple of years !!!!

11-07-11, 05:46 AM
Life Before the Earthquake is soo good. The production is sick on this. Really creative and inspired. Sounds good man :)

11-07-11, 05:53 AM
Hmmm, anyone has the impression that life Before the earthquake "ends" abruptly or is just me?

It has a vocal outro after the instrumentals fade, so its not a glitch if that's what youre thinking. God help us, if Coldharbour/armada is still up to those tricks :roll:

11-07-11, 04:50 PM
'Kamikaze Babe' is probably the best thing released on the label (either Red or Coldharbour) this year (imo).

Nice to have one of the veteran guys back on board