View Full Version : 5-27-11 Markus Schulz @ Marquee Las Vegas (Mem Day Weekend)

13-05-11, 03:10 PM
5-27-11 Markus Schulz @ Marquee Las Vegas with Roger Sanchez

Tickets here http://www.marqueelasvegas.com/event/md ... ub-may-27/ (http://www.marqueelasvegas.com/event/mdw-marquee-nightclub-may-27/)
$60 Male/$30 Female - and rising. ;-(

Wondering if any real Markus Schulz fans are going to the Marquee MDW, 5/27?
I am a big fan, my last 2 Markus shows were during MMC weekend in Miami at Space, and were they ever GREAT SHOWS!!! (Pacha NYC 3 weeks after this one)

Any way, is there a meet-up?

29-05-11, 03:59 AM
Yep, Markus tore it up!

Softer and more lyrical than the last show I saw of his in Miami at Space. Still playing lots of Prague tracks. Came on at 2:30, played till 5. Nice to see club thin out of the last 90 minutes of the set, plenty of dance room. Should have tracklisted, would have been easy.

Sound and lights at Marquee awesome

See you in a a few weeks in NYC Markus

29-05-11, 04:03 AM
i was surprised too that there wasnt an event for this, probably since its because of mdw.

i was looking at videos online(didn't go to the event), he definitely catered to the casual las vegas mdw crowd, a lot of vocals and i was surpised to see he played kaskade - dynasty.

for this reason i dont like to see dj's i like during long weekends since they play a diff set.

give me a 6 hr club set anytime