View Full Version : Markus Schulz interview @ ASOT 500

21-04-11, 09:59 PM

21-04-11, 10:30 PM
LOL at the end when he slipped into his GDJB spiel about his facebook and twitter... i half expected him to say 'see you next week' :D

22-04-11, 01:05 AM
what an amazing interview whooow! I know and i see now, the hungarians are the closest to his heart from Europe :P and of course, was great to hear these epic words from the master! :) Great to hear that news about Dakota and how he speaks about the album...wow! And great to hear that news about the DVD! "Stuffs what fans shouldnt see" :P hehe! Really great guy! The best guy and producer and remixer and dj and everything on the world!

22-04-11, 10:44 AM
the guy who interviews Markus should work on his english, the way he ask the questions is horrible, so well known DJ and so poor interviewer :/

13-05-11, 05:44 PM
Another interview from ASOT 500:


02-06-11, 05:27 AM
what's the name of the first track in that video?

02-06-11, 09:01 AM
what's the name of the first track in that video?
Wippenberg - U R (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)