View Full Version : youtube playlists of gdjb

10-04-11, 08:59 PM
Hi all,

I noticed that there aren't complete playlists for GDJB episodes on youtube. I found a member gdjbripper that seems to upload a lot of the tracks, but I couldn't find complete playlists for anything other than top15. So, I threw some code together and created a bot that downloads/splits/uploads episodes to youtube. The channel is here:


I'm in the process of adding a couple of my favorites, and in the future it will all be done automatically. It waits for the SBDs so it's generally a few days after Thursday.

If you're technically inclined I'll happily share the code with you if you'd like to use it for other shows. It's essentially a combination of RSS torrent feeds from themixingbowl and some python scripts run by utorrent. Or if you're not technically inclined and ask nicely I can add your favorite show to my queue. :)