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18-03-11, 09:34 PM
After 3 years it's finally going to be released, excited!

Time Gate, coming soon on Arnej Music
http://www.facebook.com/ArnejOfficial/p ... 3966684639 (http://www.facebook.com/ArnejOfficial/posts/10150113966684639)


18-03-11, 10:11 PM
Great tune!!!

18-03-11, 10:12 PM
never too late!! 8-)

18-03-11, 10:20 PM
Awesome news!

18-03-11, 11:28 PM
Yes! Finally! I can't wait to get this one.

18-03-11, 11:35 PM
oh my god!!!! I can't believe in that....super news!!!!!!!!can't wait

19-03-11, 07:10 AM
Finally. \o/
Can't wait.

19-03-11, 11:19 AM

I love this Tune..... 2008 was a insane year... turn it up BUM

19-03-11, 11:46 AM
It was banging track on schulz's set :) Love the heavy bassline

michal dybek
19-03-11, 02:49 PM
A massive one. Can't wait.

19-03-11, 10:28 PM
WOW! :o I can't believe this sh*t! :D

24-03-11, 11:08 PM
Extract from Beatsmedia.com

HUGE news for the fans of one of the most famous bootlegs from 2008. Time Gate – Arnej’s Minimal Drum Dub is going to be release on Arnej Music label. FINALLY!

Time Gate appeared on Tiesto’s very first In Search Of Sunrise, back in 1999. Marc Vision’s original production is a remarkable atmospheric trance smasher with an unforgettable synth melody. Ten years later, Arnej paid a stunning homage to that legendary track, landing a darker twist on a landscaping Homeric scenario he designs flawlessly.

In 2009, after endless speculations about the release date of his acclaimed rework, he revealed this remix was for his personal use only: “I do get a lot of emails about it, so I suppose this is the best way to set the record straight. It’s an unofficial remix and (as things stand) will not see a release! Sorry guys, it was mostly meant something to enrich my own sets (and apparently that Armin guy too, haha!)”.

Indeed, it was a heavy played track by the #1 DJ in the world, being constantly included in his live sets back then – the historical ASOT 400th celebration being one of them.

However, the effort was not in vain. Just a few minutes ago, Arnej announced that Time Gate will be released on his label at last: “You guys wanted it, you guys will get it!”.

No info about the exact date yet, but we’ll keep you posted! check out the track in the main image and, celebrate!

Such a beautiful track; not afraid of admitting the first releases of the ISOS series had a big impact on getting me into trance music and setting the foundations for the more progressive and darker sounds I love today.

24-03-11, 11:26 PM
Arnej Music is doing good business so far, maybe Arnej's remix of Solar Factor - No Return will be even released where he once tweeted about and he must not leave Coldharbour ofcourse. :)

24-05-11, 06:17 PM
It's the next Arnej Music release (ARNEJ002) so it can't take long anymore. :)

http://soundcloud.com/arnejmusic/arnej- ... nimal-drum (http://soundcloud.com/arnejmusic/arnej-time-gate-minimal-drum)


Edit: TF says it's the 27th of June.

24-05-11, 08:26 PM
I support Arnej and will continue to do so, he never disappoints.