View Full Version : Schulzy Back to Melbourne :)

11-03-11, 07:30 AM
After listening to todays 5hour set i couldnt take listening to it at home and not thinking about Markus coming back to Melb for a long club gig.. His on fire atm and i think it would be the perfect time for him to make a return ;) Some where like 09 Future Music AP WorldTour at the Queens Bridge Hotel would be unbelivable :)

New Topic started on the Australian ITM Forums need him back asap haha..


31-03-11, 03:50 AM
I am with ya on this mate!

Saw your post in ITM. I replied too. Same user name in ITM

03-04-11, 04:46 AM
His gota come man his peeking ATM listening to Asot set full kills his dropping the deep shit :) Gota see him ASAP

06-04-11, 10:51 AM
He's a man on a mission. This year is definitely the best time to experience a club gig from him. His sets have really destroyed all the dance floors this year. Really surprised to hear him drop such deep dark heavy stuff at ASOT, really shits all over Armin.

How likely do u think he will do a club tour in Australia though. I reckon we could hope for winter sound system or godskitchen

01-05-11, 03:47 AM
5hrs +

A night to remember.
needs to happen asap jutzo!