View Full Version : My Interview With Markus Schulz on Prague 11 + extras

02-03-11, 04:32 PM
Hey guys. In advance if this doesn't belong here, ImpactPlayaz or Tigerclaw you can remove it if it infringes of self promoting or such.

Anyway, i was fortunate to be on hand to interview the man himself in Prague before the big night.. Sorry for the massive delay.. It'll be a perfect filling for GDJB this week. Enjoy boys and girls :D

http://stc.st/content/view/475/32/ or http://soundcloud.com/stcweb/markus-sch ... erview_stc (http://soundcloud.com/stcweb/markus-schulz-interview_stc)

02-03-11, 06:51 PM
Awesome stuff! What's the track in the video? Is it Phoenix by Wippenberg?

02-03-11, 07:26 PM
LMAO!!! So..... my card made him blush?? :D Hahahahaha

02-03-11, 08:46 PM
Great curs3d:)

Finally.... your interview is out :)

I was waiting for this since you told me that.
Ohh men.. you represent All of ous GREAT.

Ohh men wish.. i could be Richard at this time :lol:

02-03-11, 09:50 PM
great stuff 8-)

03-03-11, 02:42 AM
Good stuff! but i already told you that hahha :D

03-03-11, 06:03 AM
No problem at all, Any post about any new interviews by Markus is always welcome.

03-03-11, 07:36 AM
No problem at all, Any post about any new interviews by Markus is always welcome.

thanks :lol:. Hope you guys enjoyed the interview as much as i have enjoyed interviewing him. I wanted to break away from the norm while including that personal touch ;)

03-03-11, 10:04 AM
Well done ;)

03-03-11, 12:16 PM
Hey that was great interview
thanks for sharing that!! cant wait to hear the set from that night <3

03-03-11, 12:30 PM
awesome stuff thanks for sharing it mate :)

03-03-11, 01:49 PM
Cheesy Bread is the Future!! :)

03-03-11, 08:37 PM
Brazilian cheesy bread would totally win right now as a munchies snack.

Great interview man, I'd have been a bit nervous interviewing my favorite artist.

Rick Valentine
09-03-11, 07:25 PM
As i told you before, some different questions in there than the normal interviews good stuff ;)