View Full Version : Markus letting loose..

14-01-11, 06:29 AM
Pfirter - The Dub Track (Len Faki Remix / Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction) at Ruby Skye NYE 2011

got to love the way Markus expresses himself and let's loose during his sets...



14-01-11, 10:39 AM
Always funny to see. :lol:

14-01-11, 10:53 AM
i lol'd :D amazing moves in 1st video :D :lol:

Markus is the best :mrgreen:

14-01-11, 02:46 PM
Markus is the man and really enjoys the crowd interaction!

14-01-11, 05:50 PM
that's it ... i'm definitely wearing a vest to the next gig.

14-01-11, 11:23 PM
Definately a massive track.

And yeah the moves are quality!

14-01-11, 11:33 PM
Hahaha! Love it! :D

17-01-11, 12:54 AM
hahaha cool moves :D

17-01-11, 02:34 AM
Markus is starting to remind of Danny Tenaglia wit those moves...

I understand DT is a big influence on Markus but as long as markus doesn't start gabbing away on the mic and make eratic rants on FB like DT, i will be happy

17-01-11, 04:07 PM
100% Markus, the same crazy guy all the time :D

19-01-11, 07:53 AM
Personally, I love it when DJs entertain the crowd, it makes it so much more fun, and to a great way to say thanks to the fans.

19-01-11, 11:40 AM
him during final cloud, away and sky traffic <3

19-01-11, 02:07 PM
*SO* cool to see the nice personality peeking through! :) He does it very sparingly, but I love it when he does that.
I think as of his Brazil trip, his tweets became looser also which is quite entertaining to read :)

Serious Danger
21-01-11, 12:25 AM
nice to see energy showing while he spins. really gets the crowd going! =)