View Full Version : ID song videos from Ruby Skye NYE

06-01-11, 05:31 AM
here are some videos from the night, i took a lot but these are songs that are either dakota or other ID's. videos aren't long but we get an idea from them..after about the first 2 hours the set got VERY dark and twisted..the most i've ever seen markus play..it was absolutely incredible. the world tour episode tomorrow might dissapoint if he plays the first 2 hours as it was mostly stuff we've heard in the past..but regardless it was an amazing night.

playing some VERY twisted stuff right here, was around 4:45 AM


i think the same song


not sure what it is but sounds good


very nice melody




this one is nice


hard and heavy


very nice


06-01-11, 03:38 PM
The 3rd one from below sound like Arnej and the last one sounds like Mr. Pit, who knows. :)

30-01-11, 09:52 AM
all videos except 1 are found in prague 11.

makes me wonder..where the hell were the dakota ID's as i pretty much recorded the entire night.

31-01-11, 08:12 PM
Man, you guys who saw him live were so lucky.

Nothing beats a Markus Schulz set live.