Susana, what a pleasure to have you with us today! We first want to say many congratulations on your solo album "Closer". Bravo for your achievements this year!

Thank you! I really have to pinch myself sometimes!

You have also graced the latest Markus Schulz artist album Do You Dream with your outstanding song "Unsaid". Were you happy with the outcome? The song was more of a chilled progressive style type of track than what you had done in recent collaborations, was that fun for you to try and work with a different style of song?

Over the years I’ve actually created a pretty diverse musical background, getting a taste of different genres of music. So even though “Unsaid” might have a different sound than most of the trance tracks I’ve done before, it didn’t feel so much like something completely different. What I like about the track is that even though it’s a song with a positive message it still has a bittersweet edge to it.

Markus had mentioned during the preview for the album that he had wanted to work with you, did you also want to work with him prior to the album?

Yes, definitely! Markus has been one of my favorite DJs/producers for years, especially because of his more dark and moody tracks. He also brought “Nothing at All” (with Rex Mundi) into my life because when he heard the instrumental he, as he explained to me later, immediately thought of my voice as a perfect match for it. So when we finally met in person last year at Armin van Buurens wedding we had enough to talk about and discussed how nice it would be for us to work together on a track sometime.

Does anyone in particular influence your artistic/musical talent?

I have always been interested in many different kinds of music, therefore I can’t really name one big influence. I get inspiration from many tracks, partly depending on my state of mind and heart. Nothing moves me more then music does. It’s my daily stimulus.

Do you have your own favorite type of music that you enjoy singing other than EDM?

I really love to sing singer/songwriter stuff. Preferably acoustic with piano, which is, together with the cello, my favorite instrument. And I love to do Spanish language songs. It’s such a beautiful language…

What does your family think of your performance and do they support you?

My family is the best! They are immensely supportive of me pursuing my dreams and are really proud of my career. After I got involved with trance my dad discovered it through me and actually turned out to be a huge fan of trance music! My family will seize every opportunity to support me - either by coming to see me perform, brainstorming with me about creative and business decisions or by being present at video shoots. And this means a lot to me, because they know who I really am and know how to look beyond the artist. They have my best interest at heart and I can always depend on them.

What other producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?

I get inspiration from many genres and tracks and if I had to write them all down I would end up with an endless list but let me name a few from the realm of EDM: Cosmic Gate/Nic Chagall, Arnej, JPL, Above & Beyond, Yuri Kane, Dash Berlin, Airwave/Lolo,… Amongst my favorite vocalists are Aruna, Nadia Ali, Jaren, Jes and Khaz. But this doesn’t even come near to describing the huge pool of inspiration I dive in every now and then…




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