First things first I'm sure the fans are dying to know where did the name "Sir Adrian" come from?

Some friends used to call me this when I acted a little distant, of course it was my shyness.. but hé you know how it goes. I like the name because it totally doesn't convey me. :-)

Is it safe to assume that Dance music has been a passion of yours since you first became interested in writing and singing songs?

I always loved funk, jazz-rock, disco... and dance fits well in there.

When and how did you meet the other half of your songwriting duo, Raz Nitzan?

Raz was in Holland for a year I guess and he was looking for music to put out on his label. He heard some things I did and called me about that. We got to talk and I invited him to come over and work with me on some music. By the way I think Raz has one of the best musical ears I know. 

Who were your biggest musical influences growing up? Did you always want to sing songs or were you just interested in the writing aspect at first?

Growing up I loved the Beatles, Prince, E,W&F, Michael Jackson, George Duke. But my musical taste is very broad. I love the mystery of the musical language. Just never ceases to amaze me.
Singing is cool, but for me it's about making music... singing, writing, producing... all of it.

You have a very unique voice, how did it feel to hear yourself on your very first finished track?

Kind of weird...and also kind of great.... I like my voice... But i don't see me as a singer... I know how to make the right mood for particular tracks





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