Let’s begin with congratulating you on your two brilliant tracks on Markus Schulz's artist album! The first single off the album "Dark Heart Waiting" has been a huge success! How did it feel to contribute your work to this massive project?

I guess I should begin by saying thanks! Finding out that Markus wanted to work on not only one, but two of my tracks for his third artist album was an honor. And then learning that “Dark Heart Waiting” was going to be the first single was twice as much. From start to finish, it was an amazing experience that I'll never forget.

A really special part of having “Dark Heart Waiting” released as a single was being able to shoot the music video with Markus Schulz! Was it your first time being a part of a music video, and if so, were you nervous?

Yes, it was my first music video. And yes, I was sleepless and nervous for the three days preceding the filming. As we started filming and I realized how fun and crazy everyone was to work with, I quickly felt more comfortable with the whole thing. Not to mention Markus and I were joking around most of the time, which kept the mood pretty easy and light.

What was the most exciting and memorable part of filming the music video? 

Oh, hands down the bad ass car I got to drive around for a day and a half! I miss that car. After all, I probably won’t be cruising around Hollywood in a beefed up classic muscle car like that anytime soon. Cruising with Markus was fun too. We gunned it a few times, and it was hard to keep the tires from totally burning out!!

Of course we can't forget the dark progressive sounds of Departure, your contribution to collaborations such as, "Cause You Know" and "Eliana"? In previous works there has always seemed to be such a fluid chemistry with yourself and Markus! How is it to work with Markus one on one in the studio?

Working with Markus is great. He's got a real good sense of direction on how a track should flow. I would say that because he's one of the biggest DJ's in the world, it really gives him a solid perspective as to what to change in a track to make a good song great. He knows exactly what creates a great vibe on the dance floor, and how to execute it.

We know that you write songs for other artists, not just yourself, as well as produce your own musical pieces. Which came first, Singing and Songwriting or Production? 

Well, that’s tricky… I would almost have to say all three kinda happened at the same time. I started out writing, singing what I was writing, and doing sequencing/sampling back in the early 90's when I was like 16. I had always been venting emotions and thoughts via some form of art since I was a kid. I guess it’s cheaper than hiring a shrink, right?




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