Justine, how was it to remake such a classic and epic song for the world to hear again? The finished product must have been very exciting!

When you are asked to be involved in something that already has ‘legs’ then it’s a given you get excited. Of course trying to do justice to something on which I was asked to stay as close to the original as possible can mean you don’t really get to make it as much your own as you’d like, but it also means that the fans relate to it more easily and that’s prettyimportant. If people don’t relate to what you are doing then you might as well be sitting at home watching re-runs of Jerry Springer and knitting tea cosies.

When Markus contacted you to remake such a monumental track what was your first thought?

My first thought was to be flattered to be asked. Amazingly, even though we’d already done a track together, I hadn’t met him except in passing at an Armin gig. We’d never really spoken before and it was great to hear him so excited about the project. He has an infectious good humour. It was a pretty strange co-incidence that I ended up asking Sacha (Collisson) to record the track for me in his studio as, unbeknownst to me, he had co-written the top line on Perception for the original Cass & Slide version. It’s a small world.

We know Markus’s take on redoing songs from the past especially such a huge tune, what is your opinion of doing song covers?

I’m not a fan of covers unless you can really bring something new and exciting to them, which Markus has obviously done if the success of this track is anything to go by. For the most part I won’t get involved in work that I haven’t written or co-written but Markus is charming and very persuasive.

Dance music fans around the world anticipated this release since the reveal of the track list for the album were you excited to see the worlds reaction?

Of course you hope that what you do will be successful and in that I’m no different from any other artist. I’ve been so busy with my head down, trying to finish my album, my book and a side project with Boom Jinx that I have become somewhat of a recluse. This means I miss quite a bit of what is going on in the dance scene. It isn’t ideal but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to dedicate to following all the things you’d like to.







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