Tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, I am a singer songwriter originally from the Washington DC area. I started singing when I was very young in musicals at church and in school. I always had solos and leads and had so much fun performing. I am really outgoing I am not shy at all or scared to be on stage. I don't remember a day of my life as a child without music. I come from a really artsy family, my mom always gave me so much encouragement when it came to my dreams. I learned about my musical styles and heard so many different genres on a daily basis. I think that it's so important to perceive and appreciate different sounds especially if you plan on having your own individual sound. The variety definitely forms you as an artist to be both open minded and willing to experiment.

Many people are describing you as the breakout vocalist of 2010, due to your appearance on Markus' Do You Dream album. How did you first come into contact with Markus, and what advice did he give to you when you first worked together?

Wow, Thank you that is a compliment that I will cherish. A fellow artist on Coldharbour actually introduced Markus and I about two years ago. He told Markus that I was a singer and since Markus is always looking for something new in turn I am pretty thankful because it was a great connection. Markus had just gotten back from a trip and I was sure that he would be overwhelmed by my wild energy and bouncy personality, but it was the complete opposite, he was so accepting and just so down to earth. He is my mentor and guide, and I felt so lucky to have someone that experienced with this incredible passion leading me in the direction of success. I remember the first time I sang for Markus. He was so encouraging and so attentive. He would say to sing what I felt, and to sing louder, “Sing what you feel the way you want people to feel it” when I worked with Markus he took me back to basics. I feel like he brings out the best in the people he works with. He really took me under his wing.

In many electronic artist albums, the majority of producers prefer working with names that have been established in the scene for a few years. How did it feel for you personally to be immediately projected by Markus into such a high profile role?

It is an indescribable feeling honestly! I felt blessed that Markus believed in me and pushed for me. Markus never made me feel like an inexperienced newcomer or that he was above me in any way, I always felt we were a team. Trying new styles or just singing in the studio to feel something out, he never judges another’s creative input. That is rare nowadays.

Of course, your first point of discovery in the public eye was providing your harmonic talents to the Do You Dream single, which has been one of the biggest anthems in Markus' sets throughout 2009 and 2010. Did you feel that sense of excitement when many people in the community speculated on the "mystery vocalist" of this track?

I can still remember hearing it after we recorded it the first time! Markus and I were jumping up and down and just so excited! I was so excited I had it stuck in my head for days, I was so excited and I still am every time he plays it, because its our first song. It has a special place in my heart. I was overjoyed to have made something that people really connected with. Markus taught me to be patient and over time I watched him build the excitement creating something special. In the end it was worth the wait!

One of the standout features of the Do You Dream album is Markus' foray into the drum n' bass genre with "Lightwave". Did you find adopting and singing to a much faster-paced genre difficult?

In the Do You Dream album preview, Markus mentions that the song was first presented to him differently, I had originally sent him the song in a down tempo format. Markus loved it though and always has his own way of making the songs that we do together special. Again it may not be your every day Markus Schulz track but truthfully we aren’t your everyday artists.



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