What an exciting year it has been for you, you have really exploded onto the scene with outstanding tracks and especially the beautiful record on Markus Schulz's latest artist album entitled Surreal. You must be very excited to work with such well known artists? This must be a thrilling ride for you!

Yes definitely! It is very exciting. It’s great to receive so much appreciation for what I’m doing. As a singer songwriter I really enjoy doing vocals for dance music. I never expected to be connected to this genre. It’s something so completely different to my own music, which makes it even more enjoyable and refreshing for me. Because things work so differently in the world of dance music compared to my own singer songwriter genre, by working with dance producers like Markus I’m really learning new things and that’s great. 

The track Surreal has been the talk of Markus fans on the forum and a favorite across the globe . How was it to collaborate with Markus for the album?

Great. I really like the track and I enjoyed working on it very much. It’s a track that has a really good flow and it sticks in my head!

Markus Schulz has spoken about your voice being just lovely and has been playing the track while on tour. have you felt a deeper connection with your fans since the song is being played around the world?

Through internet I can get an idea of how the track is being received and it’s great to read people’s remarks concerning the track. With my own music I’m very much used to having direct contact with an audience though through performing live. Because I’ve never done that with this track (or with any track within the dance scene) I find it harder to feel a connection to the audience. It would be great to be able to do a live performance of the track!

Your home is in the Netherlands which is a prominent stomping ground for Dance music, is that where you first became interested and acquaited with the the scene?

As a singer songwriter It’s only when I started doing work as a vocalist for dance music that I really came into contact with dance music actually! I knew virtually nothing about the scene and still know very little! Of course I’ve become a lot more acquainted with the scene over the last year or so and am learning more all the time.

In your journey as an artist has there been anyone that has taught you more about yourself musically since you started working in this genre?

Yes, I’ve learnt a lot from Raz and Adrian, the vocal producers I work with most.

You have a beautiful voice! Did you ever take any vocal lessons, Or play any instruments that maybe steered you in the direction of becoming a vocalist?

Yes I grew up with music, playing various instruments, like the violin. At a certain stage it became apparent that I was going to carry on with singing. I’ve had singing lessons from various teachers over the years. I went on to study music. Lessons of course simply have the function of improving your abilities, so no lessons can really steer you into wanting to become a vocalist or whatever. It’s something that comes from you. However, the lessons and the stimulation I had as a child will have played a role in my choice of career.




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