For the past 5 years, Coldharbour Recordings has allowed owner Markus Schulz the opportunity to express his musical vision beyond his radio show and live sets. The label name is derived from his time living on Coldharbour Lane in the London suburbs at the turn of the millennium; a period he cites as the most important of his life, where he found the inspiration to discover his creative tendencies.

Last year, Markus introduced a unique concept to celebrate the congregation of producers and fans; who share that same vision as him. The concept was known as Coldharbour Day, marking the achievement of 50 releases on Coldharbour Recordings.

This year, Coldharbour Day is back, and bigger than ever. Read on for the significant events that will take place on Tuesday July 28th 2009.

Markus Schulz – Do You Dream

Following on from the incredible success of Transmission theme “The New World” was never going to be an easy task for Markus Schulz. Risen expectations, along with the desire to have a signature big room moment in his festival sets for the summer, prompted Markus to spend some time in the studio, to increment work on a project originally conceived in the city of Shanghai.

Inspired by his tours to Australia, Asia and Europe, Markus presents the next chapter of his remarkable story, entitled “Do You Dream”.

The original contains everything you would expect in a Markus Schulz production