“What happens in Vegas will no longer stay in Vegas…” – Markus Schulz, Jan 2010.

Touching down in new cities is almost as much a part of being a DJ as working the turntables themselves – a fact that’s never been lost on one of the world’s biggest DJs, Markus Schulz. In the last five years alone his always-rolling World Tour has taken him to more of them than many will see in a lifetime. It’s this ever-transforming melting pot of sound, sight and musical taste that fed his desire to capture them musically. And in 2005 that’s what he started to do…

Since then they have shuttled us between some of the most iconic and best known clubbing metropolises in the world; Miami & Ibiza and Amsterdam & Toronto have all had their clubbing credos encapsulated in mix form.

Markus himself explains further: “Many people say that you see great differences moving between countries