Hey everyone,

Hello to you all from Tokyo this week. I am on the plane just about to take off and head towards Europe, to my apartment in Berlin to be precise. My apologies for not checking in with a blog entry last week, but with a lot of tiring travelling in between the gigs, I needed to take a little break from the laptop. I did sketch a few notes however after each day, so hopefully you will enjoy this little 2-week recap of life on the road throughout Asia.

Saturday May 16th – Godskitchen, Seoul

I got into Seoul on the Friday evening and after checking in to my hotel, I met up with the promoters and dancers that were brought in from Spain and had a nice dinner. Afterwards, we all headed to the Walkerhill Theater – which was conveniently in the same building as the hotel, to check it out. The Godskitchen crew were busy setting up the equipment for the event. We hung around a little bit discussing logistics before heading back to my room to try to get a full night’s sleep.

The scene in Seoul is probably one of the most blooming across the world at this point in time. I played at Club Volume twice in the city last year and both occasions were off the hook, not just for how much energy was in the club, but also how hardcore the fans were when it came to continuing festivities into the small hours and beyond!

I woke up early feeling excited about what lay ahead, and began preparing my set right away. I took a little break in the afternoon to go for a walk and take in some of the sights and sounds of Seoul, and gave myself some time for a late afternoon nap. After a shower, I felt refreshed and ready to begin the evening. Club Volume is currently closed for renovations, and is due to open again soon, so I am really excited to see what they have done to the place. I don’t think they can fit anymore L.E.D.s into that place. I met up with my manager David Lewis, who came along on the trip and ran into Sied van Riel who had just arrived and was also on the lineup for the event. We all went for some brunch and had a nice chat. Afterwards Sied and I did a little looking around the shops and then went and had a power geek out session, talking about studio stuff and music.

It was very cool to have the opportunity to hang out with Sied van Riel again. Sied and I first met in person at the House Parade festival in Ploiesti, Romania last August. On that day, he handed me a CD with his remix of Offer Nissim’s “For Your Love” on it, and as most of you will know, it was massive in my live sets for the latter part of the summer season. He has had a massive 12 months with his productions and remixes; I think it would be a fair estimation that he has featured on Global DJ Broadcast tracklists as much as anyone in that period. Time got away from us, so we both had to rush and get ready for the night. We were all scheduled to meet at a nice sushi restaurant and then immediately go to the event.

The event was a lot of fun. One thing that always messes with you is that the view looking out at the event from the stage is totally different than the view up on stage. When I looked out at the crowd it looked very bright and with all the different layers and steps in the theatre everything looked really spread out. As we got to the event though, I saw the view from the audience side and I knew that it looked amazing with the Godskitchen production on stage so I just had to keep that in mind.

I had a great time and I was even able to test out the Cosmic Gate Remix of Sin City. A few little tweeks I would mention to the guys and I think it will blow the roof off during the summer.

After my set, I hung out and listened to Sied. I went and hung out in a little private area just by tech crew on the audience side of the theatre and I was just blown away how amazing the production was. I knew it looked great, but I had no idea it looked that good. The dancers from Spain were also amazing and I think we are going to have to bring them along on some future gigs. They were covered from head to toe with mirrors. They were human mirror balls. Sied rocked it and after his set we all hung out and partied a bit more backstage before calling it a night.

Time Off in Seoul

I woke up on Sunday well rested and energized. A few hours sent at the gym and then some important one on one meetings with David about the upcoming months. We had a great creative brainstorming session and I must tell you I am very excited about the rest of this year. We are even laying the groundwork for 2010.

After we meet up with the local promoters and went for some authentic Korean food. Sitting on the floor and enjoying the atmosphere. I spent most of my Sunday evening in front of the laptop with the headphones on, as I head a couple of ideas running through my head regarding a new production. I think that this time next year, when I’m really in the swing of things for the next Markus Schulz artist album, a lot of spadework will have been done during this Asian tour. The same ethos certainly applied to the Dakota album – a lot of the initial ideas for certain tracks (such as Sin City and Day Off in Lima) came from the gigs and their surrounding environments.

On Monday evening I began packing away my things to head to Jakarta. One of the first things I was going to do after arriving and when I had the chance was to go and do some clothes shopping. Unfortunately, when you are on the road for such a long period of time, you don’t really have the opportunity to find somewhere to do laundry in every city. So in that situation, I’ll try to find some boutiques that sell some cool t-shirts and wear them to the gigs. I was very happy to see an A/X store here in Jakarta, so I picked up some new bits and pieces and headed back to the hotel.

Wednesday May 20th – Blowfish, Jakarta

Wednesday evening was fast approaching, which meant that the gig in Blowfish was imminent. I went to the venue early in the day for soundcheck. They informed me that this was their 6 year celebration and the night was completely sold out. I was very enthused about that. The funny thing is that as I got to the club, on the marquee and posters outside they were advertising who was performing the following week… James Zabiela. It is funny how we are both just zig-zaging all over Asia at the same time and either he plays at a club the week before or the week after.

The place was rammed and I was very pumped up Maybe a bit too much to be honest. I started off blazing right at the very start of my set and I looked at the crowd and quickly saw that they were not ready for it yet. Their buzz had not started yet, so after 2 songs I did what I call a reset. I brought the vibe back down and just played some more groovy stuff and then built it back up. I had a 3.5 hour set, so I had plenty of time to bang it out. I just needed to get everyone sucked into my groove first.

I slowly built it back over the next hour and half and from there the club was absolutely banging. There was another DJ who was supposed to play after me, but they told me if I wanted to I could just keep going. I did right to the very end of the night. After I was done, I hung out a bit congratulating all the people involved with the venue and meeting the fans in Jakarta.

A Tribute to Adam “Didi” M