* Written on Thursday January 28th 2010 *

What’s up guys,

Hope that you are all keeping well. It’s Thursday morning and I’m on another major coffee buzz over breakfast here at home in Miami, before packing for a short 3-gig tour of Brazil, which will include the next GDJB World Tour recording at Sirena in Sao Paulo on Saturday. This week was the first time I had been able to properly rest at home since Christmas, because I had been on the road pretty much the whole time, apart from two days in the studio where I mixed Las Vegas ’10.

I’ll go into detail about the compilation a little later, but first let’s pick up from where I left off, which was touching down in Israel.

4 Gigs in 5 Days Across Israel

I touched down in Tel-Aviv on Thursday morning. The weather in Israel when I was there was so beautiful. And it was much warmer than Miami when I left home. The tiredness of the red eye flight kicked in and I slept through GDJB, but had to get my head ready for the gig at Haoman in Jerusalem.

What I enjoyed about this trip was that I got to experience playing in new locations like Be’er Shiva and Haifa. The Haifa gig in particular was absolutely insane