Hey everyone!

I hope you are all keeping well and had a great holiday celebration. We have now reached the final day of 2008, and as I prepare for my gig tonight at Boom Boom Room in Windsor, I want to spend some time reflecting on the past 12 months, and the journey we have taken together.

In so many ways, 2008 for me could be summed up in three simple words – The New World.

As I welcomed in 2008 from Montreal last New Year’s Eve, I could not have imagined how amazing a year would lie ahead for me. I am sure like many, I set myself some personal goals at the beginning of the year, and ultimately, I wanted to be better at everything I did.

We kicked off 2008 on Global DJ Broadcast with our World Tour series, and I am delighted with how it has grown each month. The aim of the world tour concept was simple – an attempt to Make people feel that they are at the party with me in all of these great cities.

Each individual world tour show has been special to me in their own unique way. From debuting Perfect in Vancouver with the crowd screaming and singing along, to closing my chapter of playing at Turnmills in London with the classic Greece 2000, debuting my remix of Sia’s track Buttons in New York to the legendary Perception in Toronto, and rounding off with the incredible reactions of The New World in Budapest. I have loved bringing the you an opportunity to experience the feeling that I experience myself when I am on stage performing.

One of my resolutions in 2009 is to make the World Tour series even bigger than ever before – new cities, new cultures, and new memories yet to be created. I can’t wait for it already.

Looking back over the 100+ gigs I played across the past 12 months, there are so many amazing memories which will remain with me forever. Yes, there were some sad times, such as the fire that damaged Stereo in Montreal; someday, I hope to return to the venue when it reopens, and continue playing at one of my favorite clubs on the planet. Then of course there was the closure of Turnmills in London, a club I held dear to my heart for so many years. When I lived in London, during my years spent finding myself and sewing the seeds of the Coldharbour sound, a lot of my inspirations were drawn from nights spent clubbing at Turnmills.

However, with every cloud there is a silver lining, and I could not have imagined how special a club Ministry of Sound would be, let alone bestowed with the honor of becoming a resident there. I have enjoyed every gig I have played at the venue even more than the last, and I believe that we can create a wonderful legacy there. One of these days, I hope I will have the opportunity to play there from start to finish.

My summer residency at Amnesia in Ibiza also holds many great memories for me. It is a club and a place that everyone who loves dance music should experience at least once. That feeling you get when you are flying in – seeing the blue sea and the white beaches, and knowing what awaits you while you are in that booth and interacting with the crowd, is very special.

Picking one favorite gig this year for me would be an impossible task. From the Future Music Festivals to Sensation White, from Monster Massive to Transmission, the memories from all the clubs, arenas and festivals this year make me appreciate how lucky I am to be able to do what I do for a living. Thanks to your interaction, I am continually inspired to push myself even further and work so meticulously in order to make the Markus Schulz listening and live experience a memorable one.

To close out the year, I could not have asked for a much better ending than being given the opportunity to perform a set for the world famous Essential Mix on Radio 1. Your words of feedback and support made it a worthwhile achievement. A lot of the tracks that were played on the EM will form the bulk of our Coldharbour release schedule in the early part of next year.

Most of all, I am going to look back on 2008 and be forever grateful and thankful to all of you, the best set of fans anyone could wish for. To all the Coldharbour citizens – the members on my forum, the fans who hang out in the chatroom every week during GDJB, and all of you who attend the gigs and show your appreciation every time I visit your country, thank you all so much. Whilst the travelling can be very demanding, everyone I meet on the road and at my gigs are so welcoming, and I really appreciate your support and dedication. Spreading my vision of trance is a joint effort – we are continuing to grow together and the future is incredibly exciting.

I would like to wish you and yours a very happy, safe, and successful New Year. My gift to you all will be the year-end Global DJ Broadcast Classics Showcase, airing on New Year’s Day. I hope that you will all spend time reflecting on your memories and achievements of the past, culminating in this mix, and we can all look foward to a momentus next 12 months.

See you all in 2009!