This Thursday, you can tune in for a special edition of the Global DJ Broadcast, as the 20th edition of Markus Schulz’s World Tour concept makes its premiere.

Tune in to the Global DJ Broadcast World Tour, this month featuring resident mixologist Markus Schulz, recorded live from the Global Gathering festival in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Over the past number of months, Markus has been an integral part of Godskitchen’s Urban Wave and Global Gathering projects. Scheduled to play at no less than 8 Urban Wave and Global Gathering extravaganzas in various cities across Europe and Asia this year, he was bestowed with the title of Global Gathering Festival Resident at the beginning of May.

Having entertained the masses at the Ukrainian and British editions of Global Gathering in July, Markus decided to capture the festival ambiance for the first time in the World Tour series, and the chosen destination would be in a country where the appetite for trance supercedes many others across the world, Russia.

You can catch Markus’ set from the night on the 20th edition of the Global DJ Broadcast World Tour, live from Global Gathering at Tuutari Park in St. Petersburg, on Thursday August 6th.

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