1165 days, 50 releases.

On Monday May 30th 2005, .due to his immense growth in popularity around the world, Markus Schulz was rewarded with the opportunity to express his musical vision beyond his radio show and live sets, and Coldharbour Recordings was born.

The label allowed Markus Schulz to give his cherished crown jewels in his Global DJ Broadcast sets an identity, a home. The name has a true meaning, due to Markus’ time living on Coldharbour Lane in the London suburbs, where he found the inspiration to discover his true inner expression musically. Every release on the label has to have that distinctive sound, one that resonates with the soul in the unique way only a Coldharbour record can.

From the outset, Markus’ mission statement on the label was clear – to give the best up and coming talent a platform to launch, or enhance, their careers. Today, he still lives to that promise, and those who have seized the opportunity with both hands have already become part of Coldharbour folklore.

If you browse through Coldharbur’s discography, one can clearly identify the tracks that have influenced Markus Schulz’s sound throughout the Global DJ Broadcast era.

So lets take a trip back and remember the early days, and see how far Coldharbour Recordings has come in just over three short years.

The summer of 2005 was dominated by Hammer & Bennett’s “Language”. With the original being given a berth on a previous Coldharbour Selections, two additional remixes would prove to dominate dancefloors all summer long, particularly highlighted by Markus sets in places such as GodsKitchen in England, Spirit in New York City, and Labour of Love in Toronto. The people in question were Markus’ prot