On Saturday November 6th, during the final stages of his set, Markus Schulz announced in front of 15,000 clubbers at the Czech capital’s Transmission Future Cities event that Prague will be the destination for his 2011 City Series mix compilation.

Having previously decoded the individual musical genealogy of clubbing centres like Toronto and Ibiza, Amsterdam, and most recently Las Vegas, early next year he will do the same for the Czech capital. Markus has played Prague numerous times over the last 10 years and watched first-hand its rise to become one of the most exciting club & electronic dance music nuclei in the world.

Prior to mixing the album, Transmission Future Cities provided Schulz with his last opportunity to observe and analyse exactly what trance & progressive nuances drive Prague’s clubbers the hardest. Information complete he’s now taking this knowledge away and will spend the next two months on a comprehensive mission to find fresh-off-the-production-desk electronic music from around the world to match its profile.

On February 12th 2011 he will return to Prague with the music from the album and play the first release party at SaSaZu. It is a night that promises to be as an intense, combusting electronic dance music experience as you can expect to hear in the coming year.