As the summer season approaches, DJs and clubbers build their excitement and anticipation for dance music’s festival stretch. They all provide a unique atmosphere – outdoor in hopefully favorable weather conditions, and headlined by the world’s biggest and best DJs.

Markus is very excited about his festival weekend. “I’m really looking forward to these three festivals,” says Markus. “The respective fans in Poland, the UK and Belgium are all so passionate about their music. I love having the opportunity to meet up with some old friends, the DJs who I haven’t seen or played with in such a long time, and of course my biggest fans who support me so well.”

Markus views playing at the festivals as an immense challenge, but one he greatly looks forward to accomplishing. “The unique thing about playing at big festivals is that you are playing with your peers. These guys are the best of the best. Because there are so many DJs on the lineup, your set time is shorter, therefore meaning that you must really bring your A game to the dance and turn it up a few notches. Every DJ thinks the same thing, and I am no different. I want to do my absolute best so that when the fans are going home, they will remember my set fondly the most.”

Markus continued by saying, “There are some tunes in my box that I have been dying to play out on a big soundsystem. I have had to be patient and hold back on playing them out, but come these three festivals, it will be time to unleash them on the audience, and to the world.”

Details of Markus’ three festival appearances in July are as follows:

July 25th – Sunrise Festival in Kolobrzeg, Poland
July 26th – Global Gathering UK in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England
July 27th – Tomorrowland at De Schorre in Boom, Belgium

Despite the rigours of travelling extensively to each festival on successive days, it is impossible to dampen Markus’ spirit. “I love it though,” he says. “These are moments in your life that you never forget. Bring it on!”