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First of all, how did you both meet and how did you decide to become a production duo?

We first met about 6 years ago in a nightclub where David was djing. We became friends and started producing together soon after that. David is the more "housier" guy, Daniel more into trance and with the Barnes & Heatcliff tracks we always meet somewhere in between these genres.. ;)

Because there are two of you working on each production or remix, do each of you have a particular skill set where on person concentrates more on one aspect of a track than the other, or do you both contribute to everything equally?

Daniel is more the studio guy, but we sit on the tracks together of course always trying to give our input. As mentioned above we are influenced through different genres. We think that's an interesting mixture.

We first became aware of your work as a duo with your production "Pjamaparty", when it debuted on Global DJ Broadcast back in January. How did you feel when Markus Schulz wanted to license the track for his Toronto '09 compilation?

It was very amazing for us of course - we sent the track to Markus and one day later we got the compilation request - that was pretty cool then ;)

Due to the success of Pyjamaparty, Markus approached you to remix the track "Johnny the Fox", which was produced under his Dakota alias. What were your thoughts when hearing the original and how did you take on the task of remixing it?

We didn't get the hookline out of our ears for days! Markus' music has always been inspiration for us, so it was honor to remix his Dakota project. In terms of remixing, we centered everything around the catchy hookline of the original - cause that's what the track is about.

What words of guidance did Markus give you for the Johnny the Fox remix?

Actually he let us a lot of space - at the end he gave us two tips to improve the mix regarding the built-up of the break which turned out to be very helpful.

The remix has been one of the success stories for the Coldharbour label in 2009, with multiple plays in Markus' World Tour recordings and now featured on the World Tour: Best of 2009 CD. Would you feel that this remix has been your proudest achievement to date?

For sure it has been one of our biggest achievement. In general 2009 has been a very successfull year for us. We hope we can step to the next level in 2010!

Not everyone is aware, but you guys have been very successful this year with an alias of your own, Lentos. What prompted the decision to produce under a different alias and different style, and do you find it easy or difficult to switch back and forth between these different styles?

Lentos is the celtic name of our hometown Linz and the story behind is that there was a big electronic dance festival in Linz where nearly all local DJs are playing except of us. Actually Daniel was having gigs in Amnesia Ibiza, Miami and other cities before ever getting an official Gig in his hometown, so we came up with that ironic name. Project-wise we decided to do a seperate project cause it's a different style from what Barnes & Heatcliff are doing. Both of us are very open for different genres and combining those genres is always an interesting thing.


To all the bedroom producers who read this interview, would you encourage working along with another person as opposed to alone, due to the success you have had together?

I think everyone should decide for himself. Producing with another guy can be fun, but can also lead to different opinions.

And finally, what can we look forward to from Barnes & Heatcliff and Lentos in 2010

A lot! We recently finished two new Barnes & Heatcliff tracks. They are called Noodler / Game Over. We also plan to do some new Lentos tracks! Last but not least we also keep on doing our Solo tracks and some other productions.

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